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Private detective: Our rates and fees

Would you like to know how much a private detective costs? Here you'll find answers about the fees we charge our customers.

Field surveys

from 75€
Per hour and per agent
  • Surveillance and shadowing
  • Daily mileage allowance defined and included
  • Production ratio in Justice

Field surveys

from 85€
Per hour and per agent
  • Surveillance and shadowing
  • Daily mileage allowance defined and included
  • Production ratio in Justice

Administrative inquiries

from 500€
  • Address searches
  • Person search
  • Other civil investigations
  • Rapport productible en justice

Factors influencing our rates

The price of a private detective can vary considerably depending on a number of criteria specific to each assignment. Understanding these factors will help you better anticipate potential costs and plan accordingly. Each investigation is unique, and various elements can cause the price of services to fluctuate. Here are the main factors that influence private investigator rates:

1. Type of mission

Costs vary according to the nature of the investigation, whether it involves surveillance, administrative or digital investigations.

2. Mission objective

The purpose, whether judicial or simply to obtain information, has an impact on the rate.

3. Duration and resources

The duration of the mission and the number of private search agents mobilized influence the total cost.

4. Geographical area

Travel costs are also taken into account.

5. Mission challenges

Assignments with specific difficulties may entail additional costs.

6. Additional resources

The use of additional equipment or the involvement of experts can increase costs (court commissioners, bailiffs, lawyers, etc.).

Your Trust, Our Priority

INVENY private detective agency rates

We are at your disposal to study your case in detail and develop a personalized survey strategy. We offer rates adapted to each request, and provide a free consultation, physical or telephone appointment and quotation request. Hourly rates range from €75 to €125 plus VAT, depending on the complexity of the assignment. After analysis, we provide a detailed estimate and sign a contract in compliance with articles 1984 to 2010 of the French Civil Code. Our commitment is to offer you a tailor-made solution and a professional, high-quality service.

Appointments and no-obligation quotes

Contact, quotation and appointment are free of charge. During the appointment, we will examine your request and propose a precise quotation.

Time-based billing

For assignments that are more difficult to evaluate, we invoice on a time-spent basis. A deposit is required, which is then deducted from hourly costs and ancillary expenses.

Flat-rate billing

For certain assignments, we offer a flat-rate invoice including a defined number of hours, a mileage allowance, certain expenses and the drafting of the survey report.

Reports and Evidence Admitted in Court

INVENY accepts a variety of payment methods, including bank transfers, cash, checks and PayPal transfers. Payments in instalments may be considered in exceptional cases.

Provision for fees and reimbursement of investigation costs

A retainer is requested when each case is opened, to cover management costs, operational reconnaissance and initial investigations. The detective begins his mission as soon as he receives proof of payment of the retainer. At the close of the investigation file, we provide you with a detailed invoice, including all fees, expenses and disbursements incurred. If your case goes to court, it is possible to claim reimbursement of investigation costs under article 700 of the French Code of Civil Procedure. Case law often recognizes that costs incurred for a private investigation can be reimbursed if it is necessary to ensure the plaintiff's defense. Contact us to discuss how we can handle your case and defend your interests professionally and effectively.

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