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Private Detective in Criminal Investigation

INVENY, private detective, expert in criminal investigations: counter-investigations, fraud, harassment, sectarian aberrations. Discretion and know-how for your needs.

Discretion and Efficiency at Your Service

Why choose us for a criminal investigation?

Our private detectives rigorously respect criminal procedure, intervening mainly before or after judicial investigations. They gather evidence, identify offenders, locate witnesses, and provide reports admissible in court. Complementing law enforcement agencies, they play a crucial role in criminal investigations. Their mission is to gather information and evidence that can be used in court to defend their clients. Independent and impartial, they are not tied to public authorities and can examine evidence without conflict of interest.

Knowledge for understanding

The private investigator in criminal matters

Although criminal law is primarily the responsibility of the State, a private criminal detective can play a crucial role in gathering evidence to defend your interests. While strictly respecting criminal procedure, a private detective cannot intervene during an ongoing investigation or judicial inquiry. Their work is carried out upstream or downstream of the proceedings, whether for private individuals or companies.

This evidence can help you identify the presumed perpetrator of an offence or his accomplices in order to file a complaint, reveal fraudulent schemes, find witnesses, or enable an arrest in flagrante delicto by the forces of law and order. INVENY private detective agency specializes in finding evidence in criminal matters, whether for complaints that have been dismissed, criminal counter-investigations, fraud or other criminal offenses.

Experts in criminal investigation, we bring you our know-how and discretion. Rely on INVENY for your criminal counter-investigations, hearings, investigations into sectarian aberrations, casting of merchandise, harassment, and much more. INVENY, your expert partner in criminal investigations.

Our priority is to help you

Responsibilities and Techniques Used


Methodology and Expertise

Our work is guided by a rigorous methodology and a commitment to excellence. Each survey is tailored to the specific needs of each customer, guaranteeing a tailor-made approach to each case.

Surveillance and shadowing

Our private detectives use surveillance techniques to discreetly observe individuals or locations. This surveillance can include taking photos and videos, as well as documenting observed activities. This evidence is essential for establishing facts in an investigation.

Background Checks & People Locator

Our private investigators carry out thorough background and character checks on the people involved in your proceedings. We identify and locate key witnesses for your court cases.

Legal support and advice

In addition to our investigative services, we offer legal support and advice to help you navigate the complexities of criminal litigation. Our experts work closely with your lawyers to ensure a swift and efficient resolution.

Our Criminal Investigations

Pre-penal surveys

Nearly 80% of criminal complaints are dismissed, usually due to a lack of evidence or the impossibility of identifying the perpetrator. Calling in a private investigator can therefore be a decisive advantage. A private investigator can gather evidence to support a complaint. This is particularly true of the following offences

Theft and fraud

Our private investigators can identify thieves or swindlers and gather tangible evidence to back up complaints of theft and fraud.

Family abandonment and failure to present children

We can locate defaulting parents and provide evidence of child neglect or no-show.

Violence and moral or sexual harassment

We document evidence of physical or psychological violence and collect testimonies and recordings of harassment to help victims obtain justice.

Breach of trust, abuse of weakness, embezzlement

Our private investigators can identify and document financial abuse, often committed against vulnerable people.

Sectarian aberrations

Intelligence, approach and infiltration of sectarian groups to gather information and document abusive practices.


Our private investigators can investigate cases of corruption and provide evidence to the relevant authorities.

Criminal Counter-Investigation

A person may be wrongly convicted or exonerated following a criminal trial. Whatever your situation, you can call on INVENY to gather evidence to help you review the legal proceedings (article 662 of the French Code of Criminal Procedure).

Our private investigators take over the entire case file, interview witnesses and carry out reconstructions. Once this has been done, we'll send your lawyer a report that can be used in court to get your case back on track.

An honest, transparent price

How much does a private detective cost for a criminal investigation?

Hiring a private detective for a criminal investigation can be essential to defending your rights and solving your case. The cost of these services varies according to the complexity of the investigation, its duration and the techniques employed. In France, the hourly rates for a private detective generally range from 80 to 200 euros excluding tax. Our investigation agency offers competitive fees, guaranteeing total transparency and optimal cost management for our customers. Calling on the services of an experienced detective can help you obtain solid evidence and protect your interests in criminal proceedings.

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